Prowler Proof | Heritage

Security screen product overview

Nothing compares to the Prowler Proof range with the quality welded finish, seamless corner joints that are high strength, and far more corrosion resistance than others on the market. Most importantly for the customer, as every door supplied across Australia comes from this high quality, fully automated factory, standards are guaranteed! Unlike others, these ARE NOT constructed in a small workshops, you have a high grade factory with all the checks and balances to ensure every product is up to scratch. Every product leaves the factory individually wrapped and tagged to guarantee quality. I am not aware of any other brand that can supply near to this standard! It is for this reason that Prowler Proof offer the only 10 year replacement warranty available in Australia. You will quite simply get a new product if your Prowler Proof product shows defects in workmanship or materials within 10 years from the date of manufacture. No ifs, no buts…no paperwork.

Products available are in various colours as per the below.

  • Heritage Security Doors
    Heritage Security Doors
    Fully Welded Heritage. Heritage is available in ForceField® and Protect options!
  • Forcefield Security Doors
    Forcefield Security Doors
    Fully Welded Marine grade 316 stainless steel, ForceField®
  • Protec Security Screens
    Protec Security Screens
    Fully Welded Protec is single aluminium sheet.
  • Diamond Security Screens
    Diamond Security Screens
    Diamond is a more economical choice, also available with a black diamond pattern to blend in with the gauze.

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